Trination Fitness is a group of authentic and dedicated fitness professionals, fully focused on ensuring our members achieve and maintain levels of health and fitness that their limitless potential displays.

Trination Fitness was founded as a passion project. We are focused on health, and connecting people by finding the intersection of education and enjoyment in fitness. We are here to ensuring that every Trination member not only succeeds in the initial battle to come to the gym, (by providing a fun, relaxed environment and innovative classes) but is a little bit better each time they depart (by imparting knowledge, training and a support network). 


A clean, reliable, friendly 24/7 fitness centre, with class-leading convenience. But most importantly, the synergic dynamism of our valued customers, working together with our committed fitness professionals as they form real relationships. A partnership, striving fo the same target. Your fitness goals.   


This holistic approach to fitness sets us apart. Feel free to visit us, and let's start to work together. 

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